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Journey on the Table with Veuve Clicquot

20, 21, 22 January 2014
Venue : the Hôtel du Marc Reims, France
Client / Collaborator : Veuve Clicquot
Photo : Veuve Clicquot

Journey on the Table with Veuve Clicquot

Journey on the table, collaborated work with Chef in Hotel du Marc of Vouve Clliquot. The invited VIP guests were taken on a journey from the lake threw the grassland, forest, along the city and to the ocean. Following Ayako Suwa’s philosophy of serving the guest an experience rather then a restaurant like meal, nonconventional combination of tastes, shapes, textures and senses were presented in combination with scenery, music and light changes. Different to a chef creating a dish is not based on the ingredients for Ayako, she gains inspiration from every aspect in live, walking along a river, the look of dried bark, the feeling of sand running threw the fingers, the smell of rain on warm stone, bright lights of city by night...