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InterContinental Hotel Osaka, Ground Opening Reception

4 June 2013
Venue : InterContinental Hotel Osaka
Client / Organizer : InterContinental Hotels and Resort
Guest : 500pax

InterContinental Hotel Osaka, Ground Opening Reception

Food creation directed the opening reception for InterContinental Hotel osaka that opened on 5th June, 2013. Starting with the ceremony, the party took as much as 4hours to showcase the whole 32floors of the hotel. As for the creative direction of each floors and scenes, we defined that the 'taste' as not only the food but also as the experience that stimulate all the senses of our guests. Sometimes it is the feeling of luxury, passion, and bliss, and another time, there will be excitement, relaxation, inspiration and expectation. Hotel is like a film. There are the dramas as many as the fantastic casts. We are very fortunate and
grateful to attend this precious moment that happens only once in the decades long history of InterContinental Hotel Osaka.