food creation


"The concept reaches your stomach"
Food creation is the expressive activities using food that Ayako Suwa directs. Through the activities since 2006, we have established the distinctive style "conceptual food" in which food is treated as an ultimate communication tool. The concept spreads not through only the taste but also the sense by created the situation associated with your "eating". In its approach, food gains a new value that is not gastronomy nor a nutrient source nor an energy source. We have communicated the messages of companies and brands through the following means.

*Conceptual catering and installation at a collaborated work with a company or a brand
*Creative direction at a party and an event
*Creative direction at an advertisement production
*Producing a food product, a menu and a restaurant and bar

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artist ・director of food creation

Born in Ishikawa Japan in 1976. After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, she started the works of "food creation" in 2006.
Her career as the food artist began with an exhibition, "sensuous food, emotional taste," held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2008.
Since then she held some exhibitions and performances in Singapore, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong and Tokyo successfully.
A series of edible art work, "sensuous food, emotional taste," was created by the combination of complicated ingredients and expressed various feelings and emotion of human beings.


We eat something every day. The purpose is to enjoy a taste or satisfy hunger. Ayako Suwa who created the theme "The concept reaches your stomach" does not fit the destination above. It is "appetite" that leads to her expression. The concept spreads through our whole physical self through eaten. Many food creators value the two elements - the appearance and taste of the cooking, however, Ayako Suwa values the "Dining situation" when it is eaten. The focal point of her works is simulation of the sense, though the appearance of her work is interesting. In fact, she will suggest how to associate the situation with "eating".
_RITSUKO TAKAHASHI (Curator of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)

Ayako Suwa is an artist who knows how to exalt the produce  and create surprising performances that dazzle our senses.

Experimental Dinner: "Journey on the table with Clé de Peau Beauté", Hong Kong
Group show: "Thinking Food Design" at galerie JOSEPH braque, Paris France
Tea celemony: "Water Wind Light" with Sokyu Nara at Suzuki Daisetsu Museum, Kanazawa Japan
Solo exhibition "Taste of Photography" at IMA gallery, Tokyo Japan
Installation: "Collection Beige 2016" at Beige Alain Ducasse, Tokyo Japan
Performance: "Guerilla Restaurant at Ohmicho Market", Kanazawa Japan
Performance: "Taste of Gentlewoman" with Yves Saint-Laurent Beauté, Tokyo Japan
Experimental Dinner: "Taste of Rojo" with Chef. Alfonso de la Mota, Barcelona Spain
Installation: "Taste of Good Innovation" at Dentsu Head office, Tokyo Japan
Group show: "Taste of tears" at TASAKI 60TH ELEMENTS, Tokyo Japan
2014 Apr.-2015 Mar.
"Taste of Curiosity- Museum of Curiosity" food creation + The University Museum, The University of Tokyo at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Japan
2014 Mar.
"Guerilla Restaurant at ISETAN", Tokyo Japan
2014 Nov.
Installation "A la recontre du Japon" curated and direted by Alain Ducasse, Paris France
2014 Sep.
Installation "Sensation of 72 seasons", Paris France
2014 Jan.
Journey on the table with Veuve Clicquot, Reims France
2013 Jun.
Criative direction for the opening reception of InterContinental Osaka, including food, decoration and performance, Osaka
2013 May
Presentation at TedxTokyo 2013 at Shibuya Hikarie hall, Tokyo
2013 Mar.
Serialization began in site "shoku-è" featured from both France and Japan food culture
2012 Aug.
Collaboration dinner "journey on the table" with VVG, Taipei
2012 Jun.
Performance "Guerilla Restaurant UNDER THE ROOF" in "Taste Festival Berlin", Germany
2012 Feb.
Collaboration dinner "journey on the table" with Janice Wong at 2am:lab, Singapore
2011 Nov.
Food creation set up the Singapore representative office
2011 Sep.
Ayako Suwa was chosen at the "Clicquot Woman". She portrays the image of a modem woman to represent the brand"Veuve Clicquot"
2011 Jun.
Exhibition and performance "Guerilla Restaurant for 111 Tongues" at TripleOne Somerset in Singapore
2011 Jan.
Release of the original food product "sensuous food, emotional taste,"
2010 Oct.
Exhibition and performance "Guerilla Restaurant Lost Tongues" at Laforet Museum Harajyuku, Tokyo
2010 Jul.
Collaboration with Gilles Stassart at NOMIYA le Palais de Tokyo Paris, France
2010 Mar.
Performance for "Festival du Film Francais 2010" at AUDI FORUM, Tokyo
2010 Jan.
Exhibition and performance "Taste of Story" at MITSUBISHI JISHO ARTIUM, Fukuoka
2009 Nov.
Exhibition and performance at World Trade Center, Hong Kong
2009 Oct.
Exhibition and performance at Le Meurice, Paris
2009 Apr.
Performance "ALICE in the Crystal Forest" at SWAROVSKI Ginza, Tokyo
2008 Nov.
Exhibition and performance in Singapore "Asian on the Edge 2008"
2008 Sep.
Performance "TIME CREVASSE" at an opening reception of YOKOHAMA 2008 International Triennale of Contemporary Art
2008 Jul.
Exhibition "sensuous food, emotional taste," The first solo exhibition of AYAKO SUWA at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
2008 Jun.
Performance at an anniversary press party at ISETAN Shinjyuku department food area, Tokyo