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TALISMAN in the woods _Hakusan
KAMU k ≐ k_KAMU kanazawa

17 December 2021- 23 December 2023
Venue : KAMU k ≐ k _KAMU kanazawa
Organizer : Kentaro Hayashida
Cooperation : SHIRAMINE SANGYO/EarthRing
Management : Shinya Furui
Photo : Ichikawa Yasushi © Ayako Suwa Courtesy of KAMU kanazawa

TALISMAN in the woods, from the water source forest at Mt. Hakusan, where Ayako Suwa was born.

The form of this work, which Suwa calls Talisman, was triggered by the move of artist Ayako Suwa's atelier from Tokyo to the mountainous area of Doshi Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the water source forest spreads in 2020, when the new coronavirus is spreading. was born.

By living in the forest, which is the source of water, she experienced first-hand the “circulation” itself. You will be able to focus on the branches and leaves of

She bundled them together to make an amulet offje named “Talisman” and started giving it as a gift to her friends in the city who were staying home due to the corona disaster as “forest sharing”. The theme of this work is a series of circulations between cities and forests that began with such actions.

This work, which was created for Kanazawa's private contemporary art museum KAMU kanazawa, was released on December 17, 2021, before the corona crisis was over.

The presence of a talisman, a symbol of circulation, in the center of Kanazawa creates questions for urban dwellers to be part of the circulation and noticing gifts from nature, transcending time and space. It was produced and exhibited with the aim of becoming a point where circulation intersects.

Produced at the water source and exhibited at the water supply area, it connects the two points.

This work, which includes the prospects and possibilities that will be produced in various places in the future, will be a memorable work that was produced for the first time in Ishikawa Prefecture, where Ayako Suwa was born.

_Artist Statement

TALISMAN in the woods

The forest is full of wild wildness,
There are people who are attracted to that beautiful spirit.

Talismans are made by people who live with the forest in this way.

The talisman, which is a talisman and a protective charm,
At some point, it became an “invitation” to “circulation taste”.

Where does the water we drink come from and where does it go?
Where do we come from and where are we going?

Will we notice the gift that circulates beyond time and space?

ー 2121 For those of us who live in cities, there is a favorite forest

When the time comes, go to the forest and take a deep breath without being told by anyone.
We know the timing and the taste.

100 years ago, we were completely degenerated by not using wild nature.

Now that we are wild again, we know what true evolution is about.
It first started at this point, connecting with the water source.

ー 2019 is completely losing its wildness

You turn on the faucet, touch the button, the sensor detects it, and you can order it and it will be delivered immediately.
Water to live, fire, stone, earth, and food are all things that can be bought, and it has been a long time since they became commodities.
Since when did the dirt on your shoes become dirty?
Why did the insect that entered the room become a foreign object?

We have become weak in the wild.

Accustomed to the services outsourced to someone else, the division of labor is efficiently divided, rationally quantified,
Most things can be solved with money, losing control of internal organs and immunity,

I forgot to return to the soil and return to the soil.

What we lose every moment in the city.

I want to regain my wildness.
Retrace your memories of when you were an animal and regain your forgotten wildness.
Can we remember true evolution when we have let our guard down and degenerated into convenience?
Will we be able to become part of nature and circulate beautifully like that day?

ー 2020 Connecting forests and internal organs

In March, when the state of emergency was declared and the world stopped all at once, I started living in the water source forest in Yamanashi.
The water that comes out of the faucet is surprisingly cold and clear,

was filled with something

It was spring water drawn from the forest.

He drank that water every day, and continued to eat the things that were grown in that water by cooking them with that water.
It penetrates cells and spreads to every corner of the internal organs,
Digested and absorbed, it became part of my body and became one with me.

and discharge.

Microorganisms decompose, permeate the roots of the soil and spread to every corner of the forest,
Trees and plants absorbed it, becoming part of the forest and becoming one with the wild.

And it becomes spring water again.

It circulates through streams and rivers and becomes the source of water for the city.
When the state of emergency is lifted, I turn on the faucet in Tokyo.
It was a different kind of water than usual.
It may have been the water in the forest at that time.
I speak it.
For the first time, I experienced true circulation in the overflowing water flowing down the drain.

From the sea to the sky, it becomes clouds, becomes rain, becomes snow, and accumulates in the mountains and forests.
In the spring, when the snow melts, we go around the trees again in the soil of the forest.

It goes around our internal organs every day.

Before I knew it, my internal organs were connected to the forest.
There is no end or beginning, it is a cycle of becoming part of nature, becoming one with nature, and enjoying it with your internal organs.

Someday we will return to beautiful soil and become spring water.

- In 2022, a talisman will be delivered from the Hakusan forest

Talisman was born during the state of emergency declared by the new coronavirus.
When I was full of unpredictable anxiety due to lack of alcohol and masks,
I wanted to bring a little bit of the spirit of the forest to my friends who are staying home in the city.

Forests are full of phytoncide emitted by trees.
It can't move when they get hurt

A wild nature that radiates to protect itself.

For us humans, it is said to purify, relax, sterilize, and boost immunity.

There are people living in harmony with nature in the forest.
Coniferous trees are cut down by foresters who tend the forests in order to circulate water and trees.
Although the trunk is used as a resource, the branches and leaves have been left in the forest without being fully utilized.
When I found such branches and leaves in the forest, I was taken aback by their wildness.

The spirit of the forest, the savage nature of the wild, the talisman gathered,
We deliver from the Hakusan Forest, a water source that supplies water to a wide area of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Hang this talisman in your room and enjoy the wildness of the forest in your everyday life.
It gradually dries up, but the beautiful change invites you to the forest.
Once the talisman has turned color and finished its role, please return it to the forest.

It becomes soil, water, trees, and forests, and will surely return to us.

We will guide you to the water source forest, an experience that will make you feel like you are part of nature.

We are waiting for you in the Hakusan forest. ”

In 2021 KAMU kanazawa will be filled with the spirit of the forest

I am now returning to the land where I was born and raised.
Enter the forest of Mt. Hakusan, where water is born, which has shaped this body and thoughts.

It's not just about enjoying nature, but being able to enjoy nature.
Is it possible not only to receive from nature, but also to give to nature?

KAMU kanazawa is filled with the spirit of the forest.

The wild nature that appears in the city of Kanazawa.
That contrast is our present.

As the Talisman dries up, our wildness will be restored.

And when it is dry, we will perform a ritual to return the talisman to the forest in the Hakusan forest.

KAMU kanazawa

A number of circulations that transcend time and space become points of intersection,

Every time a talisman is delivered to a city, nature goes round,
Every time the talisman is returned to the forest, we also go around.

The people who gather in the city of Kanazawa, the people who live in the water source forest of Mt.

If the customs of 100 years from now are born, then surely now.

Join us in the “Ajiwai of circulation” that connects with the internal organs.

The word talisman also has the meaning of payment.
What can we pay for the blessings of nature?

Ayako Suwa