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15 October 2016
Venue : Kanazawa Castle
Produce : Junior Chamber Kanazawa
Collaborated Chef : Makoto Doi (lnstallation Table ENSO L’asymetrie du calme)
Craft : Kihachi Kobo
Music : Kenji Ueno
Photo : Takahide Mitsui / Nakagawa Kentaro / Shinya Furui

A man who transformed into a tree, a man who transforms from a tree to oak bowl,
a strange dinner to experience the scenery of his heart.

Experimental dinner expressing the process until the completion of a dish "oak bowl - Kashiwan" representing traditional handicraft Yamanaka lacquerware "Ishikawa kobo" traditional craft. The venue is "The Kahoku-mon gate", which is the front face and virtually the main gate of Kanazawa Castle, historic landmark of Japan.

A strange and fantastic dinner for only one night, Ayako Suwa was made up of the story of the oak bowl consisting of 11 chapters. The dinner went on while telling the poetic scene of the story.

As the meal progresses, guests touch the appearance of coarse-grained pieces of trees turning into beautiful bowls, in fact while touching the story.

The guests become characters of stories that are talked by Ayako Suwa. They tasted beautiful wood grain produced by nature, a fine craftsmanship to finish a long time.