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René Magritte Dinner for DELVAUX

26 27 28 November 2015
Venue : DELVAUX Omotesando
Client / Collaborator : DELVAUX
Produce : HiRAO INC.
Photo : Masayuki Saito

Experimental dinner to taste the world of René Magritte

The meal should be poetic, and the poetic meal evokes mysterious feelings to the person tasting it.

Surrealism giant René Magritte makes a person bewilder and lose in thought. In comparison to this effect, we have seen the same situation that food creation found it through activity so far .
Therefore at this dinner experience, we decided to apply technique of the surrealism "Dépaysment" which René Magritte invented.
The dinner that it tastes the world of Magritte with the five senses through a full-course meal in DELVAUX Omotesand.
The menu was inspired by these works below.

*The Heartstring _1960
*Elective Affinities _1933
*The empire of Light _1953-54
*The Natural Graces _1963
*This is not an apple _1964
*The married priest _1960
*The son of man _1964

The guest felt "Visionary" and "Innovative" which are common to DELVAUX and Magritte from the taste.
It reflects a theme and an intention put in each representative work of Magritte deeply.
The impressive experience would be etched in the memory of the guest.