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"Water wind light"
The tea ceremony to taste a moment and an immortality.

13 July 2015
Venue : D.T. Suzuki(Daisetsu Suzuki) Museum, Kanazawa
Collaborator : Sokyu Nara (Urasenke Konnichian deputy tea master)
Produce : cultra
Photo and Movie : cultra
Special thanks : D.T. Suzuki(Daisetsu Suzuki) Museum, Kanazawa

The tea party held in contemplative Space of Buddhism philosopher Daisetsu Suzuki who spread the ZEN in the world.

The tea party at D.T. Suzuki(Daisetsu Suzuki) Museum, Kanazawa".
The venue was the contemplative space of D.T. Suzuki Museum.
D.T. Suzuki was a great Buddhism philosopher who translated ZEN philosophy into English and introduced it into the world. This calm space was designed by architect Yoshio Taniguchi.
According to the dress code, "wind, water, light and white to be unified",
15 guests were invited to hermitage "contemplation space" floating on the mirror water garden.
Following Ayako's teacakes "water light wind" which expressed a moment and an immortality everlasting circularity, tea master Nara presented a tea with a bowl made of ice.
The water dissolves in the midsummer atmosphere instantly.
The particle of the light to glitter flows through the body of the guests.
The wind to blow a garden shakes trees and water surface, and leaves for somewhere.
Finally, it melted an ice bowl which tasted tea and disappear.
All comes to "nothing". It means the words from ZEN sutra "originally having no possessions." Through this experience, it would be calm time to consider about a moment and an immortality.