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Taste of Rojo
Secret Dinner in Barcelona

9 February 2015
Venue : Never More, Barcelona Spain
Collaborator : Chef. Alfonso de la Mota
Photo : Shinya Furui
Special thanks to : Ivan Merino (Biscuits Barcelona), Bel Lo Torras Farras, AmazonLaterna Co,Ltd.

The sensual dinner at secret place in Barcelona.

Collaboration project with Chef. Alfonso de la Mota in Barcelona on 9th February,2015. Alfonso is the chef who belonged to the legendary restaurant "El Bulli" closed in 2011, and now, owner chef of the restaurant "Never More" in Barcelona. The theme of the work is "taste of Rojo _Flesh, blood and bone". Ayako and Alfonso gave ideas each other, and they carry out the one-night dinner based on the theme. Guests tasted it on instinct and spent sensual time with bare hand.