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Journey on the Table with VVG Taipei

21, 22 August 2012
Venue : Huashan1914 Taipei, Taiwan
Client / Collaborator : VVG
Photo : VVG | Special thanks to 2am:lab

Journey on the Table with Veuve Clicquot

A journey on the table collaborated work with VVG based in Taipei City of Taiwan. The invited VIP guests were taken on a journey from the lake threw the grassland, forest, along the city and to the ocean. Following Ayako Suwa’s philosophy of serving the guest an experience rather then a restaurant like meal, nonconventional combination of tastes, shapes, textures and senses were presented in combination with scenery, music and light changes. Different to a chef creating a dish is not based on the ingredients for Ayako, she gains inspiration from every aspect in live, walking along a river, the look of dried bark, the feeling of sand running threw the fingers, the smell of rain on warm stone, bright lights of city by night...