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Journey on the Table with 2am:Lab, Janice Wong

26, 27, 28 February 2012
Venue : 2am:Lab, Singapore
Collaborator : Janice Wong
Photo : Kai Lian

First Journey on the Table, collaborated between 2am:lab Janice Wong.

Collaboration between 2am:lab and food creation artist ayako suwa, the menu for the experience dinner "journey on the table" had it's premier on the last weekend on February 2012. Taking the inspiration from migrating birds, the guests were taken on a journey from the lake threw the grassland, forest, along the city and to the ocean. Following Ayako suwa's philosophy of serving the guest an experience rather then a restaurant like meal, nonconventional combination of tastes, shapes, textures and senses were presented in combination with scenery, music and light changes.
Different to a chef creating a dish is not based on the ingredients for ayako, she gains inspiration from every aspect in live, walking along a river, the look of dried bark, the feeling of sand running threw the fingers, the smell of rain on warm stone, bright lights of a city by night...
Creating the menu with this special angle, there might be dishes that do not please everyone, but that is also not the intention. Introducing the guest to a different world, experiencing things from a different point of view, maybe changing the way they look at things or reminding them of long forgotten ones. (Text from the 2am:lab, Janice Wong)