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Guerrilla restaurant 111 Tongues Singapore

23, 24, 25 June 2011
Venue : TripleOne Somerset 16F, Singapore
Photo : Caesar Production
Client / Collaborator : TripleOne Somerset
Produce : Kloo Pte ltd.
Special thanks to Hiro Kawaguchi

At the empty space in Singapore, the biggest guerrilla restaurant which was held for 111 guests only for three nights.

This performance is what the guests can taste a full course of her artwork "Sensuous food, emotional taste".
Inspired by the "guerilla" concept, this restaurant will suddenly appear out of nowhere, then disappear.
The guest was treated to a series of edible art work that elicits strong, personal feelings from within.
This food performance in Singapore is only limited to 111 guests on each day. 20,000 Singapore dollar, the sales proceeds from this event contributed to the victims of great East Japan earthquake (11 March 2011).


To eat is to live;
To taste is to evolve.
"Humans evolved because of their desire,
because they couldn’t restrain their appetite.
A curiosity for unknown tastes andfood that stimulates the five senses.
Colour, shape, texture, aroma, taste, temperature, moisture, how it feels in your mouth and how easily it can be swallowed, let the feeling melt into your body,
as the memory lay asleep deep within your brain.
It all becomes a taste that rocks your very emotions, releasing your true instincts
 A taste of irrepressible joy;
 A taste of sudden bursting anger;
 and then,
 A taste of embarrassment;
 A taste of sadness... A taste of emotions,
enjoyed by the senses.
It is neither a source of nutrients nor a source of energy, nor a gourmet of gastronomical delight.
This is a provocative dinner that awakens your lost desires..."
_Ayako Suwa