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Tour to Touch the Holy Waters of Kumano

December 2021
Venue : Kii peninsula, KUMANO KODO, Japan
Organizer : Masato Baba/EAST Inc.
Cooperation : Chef. Ryosuke Sarai/Restaurant Caravansarai
Tour : Alpha Travel
Special thanks: East Inc./General Incorporated Association Nanki Mirai/Tagami Co., Ltd./General Incorporated Association Wakayama Local Guide/Garden Lab Co.,Ltd.
Management : Shinya Furui

A project to create a food experience around the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, which has the World Heritage Kumano Kodo.

Ki no Kuni, Wakayama Prefecture, is said to be the origin of the country of trees, with its rich and beautiful forests, the cool rivers polished by the trees, and the beautiful stones produced by the water. It tells a story.

It is also a waterfall sacred place with many waterfalls, including Nachi Falls, where gods have been said to dwell since ancient times.

Food creation is based on the concept of forest cuisine that tastes water. We created a food experience for the tour with Chef Ryosuke Sarai of Caravansarai, a restaurant in Tanabe City.

This project was planned and operated as one of the projects adopted by the Japan Tourism Agency as part of the Rediscovery of regional attractions to attract new inbound travelers such as adventure tourism project.