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five senses experience
“Sensory Bespoke”

25 October 2019
Venue : “BESPOKE” LANDMARK Hong Kong
Organizer : EX-R Consulting, LTD.
Chef : Vicky Lau _ TATE Dining Room & Bar
Management : Shinya Furui
Photo : Shinya Furui & EX-R Consulting, LTD.
Special thanks : Maiko Takeda(head piece)

Bespoke of the five senses that you choose with your inspiration. After the experience, you will find a“Brand new me”you did not know.

My identity consists of a variety of daily choices. Like, dislike, want to do, want to eat, want to meet, want to go to, want to sleep, want to enjoy, etc...
In this splendid world full of inspiration and what I want to do, the tapestry knitted by beloved things will become my personality that no one look like someone else.
Ayako Suwa