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Food experiences for all the senses to taste the inspirations

19-28th December 2017
Collaborator : LEXUS
Photo and Movie : Tsukasa Nakagawa
Special thanks : SOMARTA(costume), Maiko Takeda(head piece), EBARA(makeup)

Interactive exhibition that different inspirations can be tasted through the performance, exhibition and the tasting.

In the ground floor space, food installation exhibits and a “inspiration tasting bar” will offer guests a whole new kind of experience.“Taste of Inspiration”is a unique food experience for all the senses. The exhibits in the ground floor Garage space are not only artworks for guests to view, but can also be eaten. The exhibition provides an interactive experience where different inspirations can be “tasted,” which are enclosed in chic, compact containers.
The installation exhibits use spices and fruit connected to the “Taste of Inspiration” ingredients. Alongside the immersive space design and video footage on the screen wall, guests will experience the seeds of inspiration by actually tasting the exhibits.

A reception party for “Taste of Inspiration for LEXUS” was held at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO on December 19th, celebrating the start of the exhibition that runs until December 28th.
Guests flocked to the Minami-Aoyama venue to sample the unique menu of micro “inspiration tastes.” Inside they were treated to a sensory and emotional world that channeled the LEXUS spirit of experiencing the amazing. Four performers, dressed in costumes matching the theme of the event, served guests an exclusive menu of edible inspirations. Overseen by food creation’s Ayako Suwa, each of the eight varieties of food and drink offered one-of-a-kind sensations. From their vivid appearance to their complex flavors, these culinary delights were sources of inspiration for everyone who sampled them. “The performers embody the senses inside us that have been sharpened and then left the body,” Suwa said. “Ordinarily, information about ingredients and cooking methods also plays an important part in deciding what to eat. But I wanted the performers to serve as tools for honing the senses, stirring up the curiosity of guests and inspiring them to eat the food in front of their eyes—the likes of which they had never seen before.”