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4 February 2017
Venue : LUMINE0
Client / Collaborator : LUMINE NEWoMan
Produce : H.P.FRANCE N.Y. Inc.
Photo : H.P.FRANCE / Shinya Furui

Food performance symbolizing the narcissism and Information echo.

Food performance at the exhibition "NEW york, new work" introducing nine creators representing New York fashion trends.
It was a collaboration with HEIDI LEE in NY, headpiece artist. Her work, multi-faceted mask "Echo hat" makes Greek mythology "Echo and Narcissus" an inspiration source. This story caught by the spell that the character Narcissus keeps staring at the mirror and the echo fairy repeats the same words for eternity is the etymology of self-love (narcissist) and diffusion (echo). A smartphone that is a "mirror". It interprets desire for self-approval of the post-internet generation symbolized by Instagram's Selfie for example, and information diffusion (Echo) by SNS as a work embodying in three dimensions, and this Food Performance is a fairy named Echo We revived the present age and served a hood that became fragments of self-love that echoed.