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HANEKU HAKUI _Naturally cultivated rice sweets

29 April 2016
Product development: food creation
Collaborator : Hakui City, Hakui-Maimon-Sozo-Juku
Package design: Satomi Tanaka
Photo: Shinya Furui

Ayako Suwa's hometown, Hakui City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is a historical mystery sweet.

A confectionery developed in collaboration with Ayako Suwa, an artist from Hakui City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and the city's confectionery manufacturing association "Hakui Maimon Sozo Juku".

Based on the story of the legend of the monster bird that has been passed down since 2000 years ago, I created it with the students of the local Hakui High School.

Feather-shaped sweets with a mysterious atmosphere that has a radish flavor, made mainly from "naturally cultivated rice" grown in abundant nature without using fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
Feather-shaped sweets were lined up in a box filled with pop rice with a hint of salt from Noto.
The illustration package by Satomi Tanaka, a local designer who drew the legend of a monster bird with the sights of Hakui, is also attractive.
[Legend of a monster bird that eats wings, which is handed down in Hakui City]
About 2000 years ago, during the mythological era of the Shindai era, "monster birds" appeared in Hakui, Ishikawa Prefecture, and attacked people. I came there by the order of Emperor Suinin
Prince Iwatsukuwake (Mikoto Iwatsukuwake) defeated a monster bird with his three dogs. At that time, the three dogs, Shiro, Kuro, and Buchi, bravely ate the wings of the monster bird. In this way, the monster birds were exterminated and peace was settled in this area, and it is said that Prince Iwatsukuwake encouraged agriculture here.
This place name was born from the legend of the "wing-eating" monster bird.