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Guerrilla restaurant at ISETAN MODE FLOOR

7 March 2014
Venue : Isetan Shinjuku 3F
Photo : Ida Munehide
Client / Collaborator : ISETAN MITSUKOSH
Special thanks to FAKE TOKYO

Guerrilla restaurant at ISETAN MODE FLOOR

Guerilla Restaurant is a food performance which is created by Food artist Ayako Suwa.
This case is performed in Isetan Shinjuku department mode floor.
This performance is what the guests can taste a full cource of her artwork "Sensuous food, emotional taste".
The restaurant comes and goes suddenly in many different places, and it has opened all over the world
such as Tokyo, Kanazawa, Fukuoka, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and Berlin.
The way of expressions and creations are not only food itself, but also "the situation" when it is eaten.
In fact, it is a whole experience including space and time. In addition, the performance sometimes
have audiences who watch food or guests tasting food and it makes a theatrical situation that they
taste food by their imaginations. A full course of emotions tasted by all the sharpen senses. This is a
valuable experience that we can reconsider "eating" which we usually do unconsciously. Also this is a
new food experience that evokes hidden desires and curiosities or lost senses and emotions.
The menu consists of "Sensuous food, emotional taste" which is Ayako Suwa's artwork for tasting food
as "emotion", and there are 101 kinds of emotional taste so far.
At Guerilla Restaurant which is held all over the world, in addition to original series of "emotional
taste", other "emotional taste" is made with local ingredients which can be only tasted at the site.