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Guerrilla restaurant Lost Tongues

9,10,11 Octber 2010
Venue : Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo Japan
Photo : Tukasa Nakagawa
Client / Collaborator : Lapnet, Mori buildig

Solo exhibition with Guerrilla Restaurant held in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Exhibition by Ayako Suwa held at Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo October 2010. A performance "guerrilla restaurant" featuring a full course menu to taste "sencious food, emotional taste".

Participants holding a ticket of the guerrilla restaurant waited while enjoying the welcome drink at "BAR" with the reception.

After that, a attendant guided through a dark and narrow passage and waits further at the end where the garbage bucket etc.

Finally, the guests got in the entrance of the restaurant, but here is apparently back door. A dubious kitchen that is dubious, preparing a dubious meal while a chefs plays a rhythm with a cooking tool. So many recipes and idea sketches on the wall of the kitchen.

Then a sudden announcement.
"Well, please welcome with applause!"

At the same time a woman's voice as restaurant manager echoes to the venue and a red curtain opens. In front of the guests, a lot of standing spectators surrounding the audience.

Slowly descend to the floor and sit down in his / her seat. "What course is waiting for in the future tonight? ..."
While feeling anxious and high-pounding chest, excited and waiting for first plate.

"It is the first menu .... Taste where embarrassment and joy slowly turn into pleasure!"

Sitting guests will be having nine items of "works expressing human emotions" in the course.
At the same time, however, from the "standing spectators" that surround the table, the appearance of the eater is totally observed, and sitting guests will also play a role as a "performer".
From the expression and impression of the performer, the audience "experiences" with the imagination together.
This experience is a matter of thinking again about the act of "meal" that we regularly do unconsciously everyday.