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Sensuous food, emotional taste

03 June 2008
Photo : Hiroshi Iwasaki
(Numero Tokyo No.17)

Expressing the human various emotions. the essential key of Ayako's art work.

The basic philosophy of the work series "Sensuous food, emotional taste" is a combination of ingredients that represent human’s complicated emotions like delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure.

Generally , the purposes of eating are to satiate one’s hunger , as well as to enjoy gourmet food .
As for this work, gastronomical delights is not the most important element. To focus on only one intention that is important. It is a feeling of a particular emotion, making use of texture, temperature, moisture, aroma, and taste. For example, one of the dishes on the menu was ‘A lingering taste of regret with overtones of anger welling up’.
Guerilla Restaurant is a dining experience where we use this edible artwork (just like a full-course meal at a restaurant) as ‘sensuous food, emotional taste’.

For example, the name of a menu is "A taste of shame and joy that slowly turns to pleasure" or also "A lingering taste of regret with overtones of anger welling up". To sympathize with such feelings by eat them . Further more Ayako have some projects for converting Japanese adjective phrase of emotion into taste; The taste of Ayako special individual feelings is contained exactly in this menu. To express feelings by food, it is necessary to observe these feelings and emotions as well, and I have to chew them in my mind thoroughly. Even a wistful sense of loss or disconcertment.