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Exhibition "A la recontre du Japn"

6 November 2013
Venue : Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse Paris, France
Producer : Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japan with Alain Ducasse Entreprise.
Photo : Miki Ishii / Aya Ito

Exhibition "A la recontre du Japon"

Ayako Suwa was invited the exhibition "A la recontre du Japan (meeting Japan)" in Paris.
Event dedicated to the Japanese cuisine and its cultural interconnections with France. Event orchestrated by Alain Ducasse, showcasing the work of Chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Hisayuki Takeuchi, Anne Sophie Pic or Kei Kobayashi. The Food Artist Ayako Suwa (Food Creation) was invited to produce a closing performance.
This exhibition is sponsored by Ministry of agriculture Japan and Alain Ducasse Enterprise, The event aimed to introduce Japanese food culture and Washoku- traditional cuisine into the fields of French gastronomy before the official resister of Washoku as UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage.

Participant: Thierry Marx + Hisayuki Takeuchi/ Kei Kobayashi + Anne-Sophie Pic/ Toru Okuda + Christophe Moret/ Pierre Herme´ + Sylvain Sendra/ Ayako Suwa + Shoku-e` and other