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100fabulous flowers, 20emotional years,

2 March 2011
Venue : ANA CROWN PLAZA Kanazawa
Costume : Flamingo Kostüm
Client : West Japan Railway Company
Photo : Hiraku Ikeda

Food performance at 20th anniversary ceremony of JR Kanazawa station shopping mall.

The 20th anniversary celebration for "Kanazawa HYAKUBANGAI" held at the banquet hall, ANA Hotel Kanazawa.
A big amount of yellow edible flowers was installed on 10m long table.

When a party begins, the performancers who wore a flower appears and dips a flower into a hot pot on a table. This action made the banquet fill with a fragrance of the celebration and the gorgeous atmosphere.

The flower shabu-shabu to taste with "winter yellowtails " which is a symbol of the food culture of the Hokuriku district of Japan were served to the guests.
The guest sensed a happy taste with five senses and toasted it in the blessing of 20 years and the fabulous future.