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Guerrilla Restaurant at Le Maurice

4 September 2017
Venue : Le Meurice, Paris France
Photo : Kumiko Kinoshita, Ayano Okamoto
Client / Collaborator : Le Meurice・Vendome Luxury Live
Special thanks to Kumiko Kinoshita / Keiko Koide

Guerrilla Restaurant held at the hotel "Le Maurice" representing the history of Paris.

The first guerrilla restaurant in Europe.
Located in front of the Tuileries Gardens, "Le Maurice" has welcomed many guests around the world since 1817. The hotel is exactly representing Paris.
The venue was "Ground Floor" also loved by Salvador Dali. Two works from "Sensuous Food, Emotional Taste" served by Ayako Suwa. "A fun taste with the spice of surprise and unconcealable happiness" and "A lingering taste of regret with overtones of anger welling up". A table set with only two seats, this guerrilla restaurant opened only one night.